Ryan Zinke

Montana's At-Large District (MT - AL)

Updated: Sep 23, 2014


Ryan Zinke has already shown he’ll do things the Washington way: continuing the culture of corruption, and helping himself by helping the billionaires and large corporations who bankroll his campaign, at the expense of Montana’s women, seniors, and middle class families.

John Lewis will do things the Montana way: addressing the corrupt culture in Washington, balancing the budget the right way, and fighting for women, seniors, and middle class families.

Top Hits

  • Ryan Zinke is part of the corrupt culture we need to change. He created a special interest PAC that he used as his personal piggy bank, paying himself and his family more than $40,000. Now that same special interest PAC is bankrolling his campaign for Congress. Even fellow Republicans like former congressman Rick Hill say Zinke faces major ethical questions.
  • Ryan Zinke is on record supporting tax breaks for billionaires and large corporations, paid for by cuts to education, assistance to military families; and by ending the Medicare guarantee for seniors, forcing them to negotiate with private insurance companies and resulting in seniors paying thousands more.
  • Zinke has outdated views on women. Zinke opposes allowing women to serve in combat, saying that women would cost lives and impair unit morale and effectiveness. Zinke supported new restrictions on abortion, including forbidding insurance companies that cover abortion from offering policies in Montana, and he favors allowing health insurance companies to charge women more than men.
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