Torrey Westrom

Minnesota's 7th District (MN - 07)

Updated: Nov 01, 2014


Non-base voters need to know that their vote this election is critical. They should make a plan to get to the polls on Tuesday November 4th before 8:00 PM. Undecided voters need to know that Collin Peterson has a long track record of getting results for Western Minnesota.

  • Peterson worked across party lines to stand up for our farms and made sure that Congress passed the Farm Bill. The Fargo Forum said that no one in Congress knows more about farm policy than Peterson.  
  • State Representative Torrey Westrom is a typical politician who puts himself first.  Westrom has collected more reimbursements than almost any other legislator. He collected more than $300,000 in reimbursements including benefits for days when he missed votes. 

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Torrey Westrom isn’t putting Minnesota families first now and in Washington he would make it worse.

  • Torrey Westrom is only in it for himself. As a state senator, Westrom took more reimbursements than nearly every other Senator. Over his career, he’s taken more than $300,000 in reimbursements from the taxpayers. Even worse he billed taxpayers for food and other expenses on days he’s skipping votes.
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