Steve King

Iowa's 4th District (IA - 04)

Updated: Aug 19, 2014


Steve King does what’s best for himself and for his campaign donors. Instead of focusing on helping Iowa families, King is busy voting himself pay raises and supporting the special perks he gets as a member of Congress.

This race is not about the offensive and divisive statements King is known for making. It’s about how he puts himself and his donors ahead of middle class Iowa families.

Top Hits

  • Steve King voted to raise his own pay 13 times while opposing an increase in the minimum wage for the thousands of Iowans who make just seven dollars and twenty five cents an hour, with no pension or benefits
  • Steve King voted to keep perks for himself like taxpayer-funded health care for life, while voting to take away health care benefits from average Americans. He supported making taxpayers subsidize a gym for members of Congress.
  • Steve King voted to make seniors pay thousands more out of pocket every year for their Medicare, and to use that money to continue tax breaks for those earning over two hundred thousand dollars a year and special interest subsidies for oil companies. And he supports raising the Social Security retirement age as well.
  • Oil billionaires are spending thousands of  dollars to buy this election and keep King in Congress because they know they can count on him to continue voting for tax breaks for them and other billionaires that increase their profits at the expense of families here in Iowa
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