Rod Blum

Iowa's 1st District (IA - 01)

Updated: Oct 14, 2014


Millionaire Rod Blum is wrong on Social Security and Medicare and it will hurt Iowa seniors. He wants to make drastic changes to both programs that will cost seniors thousands of dollars out of pocket. It’s easy for him to support these drastic changes because he’s a millionaire.

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  • Blum wants to raise the retirement age and make drastic changes to Medicare. He opposes Medicare’s prescription drug benefits, forcing seniors to pay more out-of-pocket for prescriptions, and he wants to decrease the cost of living adjustment for seniors on fixed incomes.
    • In his own words, Blum said “the retirement age can be raised” [Telegraph Herald, 2/06/05], cost of living increases “can be reduced” [Telegraph Herald, 2/06/05], that “Medicare could become a voucher system” [Telegraph Herald, 5/02/10] and that he favors “Privatization” [Telegraph Herald, 9/01/02] of Social Security. He also opposed the Medicare prescription drug benefit that is popular with Iowa seniors. 
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