Rodney Davis

Illinois's 13th District (IL - 13)

Updated: Aug 19, 2014


20-year political insider Rodney Davis is a typical politician who has been in Washington too long and lost perspective on what matters. Instead of doing what’s right for the middle class and regular people, he votes himself special perks and cozies up to oil billionaires, lobbyists and other insiders.

Top Hits

  • Davis voted to give himself special perks like first class airfare, a taxpayer-subsidized gym, and taxpayer-funded health care for life.
  • Davis spent $40,000 wining and dining donors and lobbyists at Washington restaurants and even hired a corporate lobbyist to run his office.
  • Davis supports making seniors pay thousands of dollars more out of pocket every year for their Medicare and would use that money to give tax breaks to wealthy Americans and oil companies.
  • Out-of-state oil billionaires are spending thousands to keep Davis in Congress because they know they can count on him to keep voting for tax breaks that increase their profits at the expense of Illinois families.
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