Mike Bost

Illinois's 12th District (IL - 12)

Updated: Aug 18, 2014


Retired General Bill Enyart has always put service ahead of politics and done what’s best for southern Illinois. While Enyart stands up to Washington politicians, long-time Springfield politician Mike Bost will just be part of the problem.

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  • As a Capitol insider for more than 20 years, Mike Bost voted for reckless and dishonest plans that ran our state’s economy into the ground, forced higher taxes and kicked the can down the road for our children to deal with.
  • Bost voted for former Gov. George Ryan’s dishonest budgets, raised taxes, borrowed millions and underfunded the state’s pension system, seriously damaging our economy.
  • Bost voted for a wasteful budget that threw away taxpayer dollars on a skating rink and a golf course in suburban Chicago.
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During his 20 years in Springfield, Mike Bost has a history of outbursts and temper tantrums on the House Floor.

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