Carl Domino

Florida's 18th District (FL - 18)

Updated: Aug 19, 2014


Carl Domino is another typical politician who is more concerned with his own personal gain than helping the middle class.  

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  • Carl Domino used his office for personal gain as a state legislator.  He charged taxpayers for a trip from Paris, voted to increase his own pay three times, and voted to cut taxes in half for multi-millionaires like himself. 
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  • Carl Domino supported state budgets that increased spending by $18 billion dollars, voted to raid the state’s rainy day fund, requested $66 million in earmarks, voted to raise taxes and fees by over $2 billion, and voted for the largest phone rate increase in Florida history.  
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  • Carl Domino voted to cut funding to in-home elderly care, voted to privatize Medicaid, and voted to cut Alzheimer’s funding. 
  • Carl Domino’s investment firms were shut down by the state for failing to pay taxes on time, Domino had liens placed against him for not paying taxes and fees, and Domino was fired and sued for allegedly trying to poach employees from a company and using company secrets.
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