David Jolly

Florida's 13th District (FL - 13)

Updated: May 08, 2014

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Jolly Said He Lobbied on the Ryan Budget.  "So yes I met with Paul Ryan at the time that he was writing the Ryan budget [...] Now all that appears on the filing is that I lobbied on the Ryan budget." [WFLA, 2/04/14]

Jolly Said "Social Security is Not Guaranteed." [Candidate Debate, 2/03/14]

Jolly Said "Everything Should be On the Table" on Social Security: “He said everything should be on the table, including private  accounts in which workers make their own investment decisions, as well as the important role of Social  Security as a safety net.” [Tampa Bay Times, 1/31/14]

David Jolly's lobbying work has strong ties to little-known conservative millionaire [Tampa Bay Times, 1/31/14]

Report indicates Jolly lobbied for Social Security reform but he says he did not [Tampa Bay Times, 1/22/14]

Candidate Jolly says he did not lobby for oil bill, despite document that says he did [Tampa Bay Times, 1/09/14]

"Mostly False": David Jolly says he 'never lobbied for offshore oil drilling' [PolitiFact, 1/10/14]

Nickens: David Jolly is no Bill Young in race for Congress [Tampa Bay Times, 1/17/14]

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