Mark Greenberg

Connecticut's 5th District (CT - 05)

Updated: Oct 01, 2014


Tea Party politician Mark Greenberg is just way too extreme for Connecticut.

Top Hits

  • Mark Greenberg wants to raise the retirement age, and is so extreme he actually called Social Security “a failure," said seniors on Social Security should get off “the public dole” and rely on a “self-retirement system.” Greenberg wants to privatize Social Security – forcing Connecticut seniors to risk their retirement on Wall Street.
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  • Mark Greenberg would turn back the clock on women’s rights. Greenberg even called women who are pro-choice, “pro-death.” Greenberg called the Hobby Lobby decision - letting a woman’s boss deny birth control coverage - “a good thing.” In Congress, Greenberg would support a radical anti-woman agenda - restricting the right to choose.
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