Doug Ose

California's 7th District (CA - 07)

Updated: Oct 28, 2014


Voters in the 7th district should see that Doug Ose was looking out for himself while he was in Congress, and took actions that hurt the middle class and seniors. They should see that he voted time and again for policies that benefit the rich, and hurt middle class families. And now Ose has spent over seven million dollars of his own wealth trying to return to Washington.

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  • Specifically, they should see that Ose voted to privatize Social Security, which would have let Wall Street bankers gamble seniors’ retirement funds in the stock market. If Ose’s plan went into effect, he would personally make hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to the stock he owns in big Wall Street banks, while seniors’ could lose their entire life savings.
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Ose said he would Repeal Obamacare. Ose: I’ve got a lifetime of experience there, that people there know me, and they've invested in what I'm talking about which is fix the economy, repeal Obamacare, and get this country back on the right path. [Ose event, UC Davis Republicans, 10:20, 1/29/14]

Ose Opposed Raising the Minimum Wage, Stating it wouldn’t Create “Prosperity.” Ose: “So how do you suppose we should allow people to increase their wages?” Individual: “Gradually increase the minimum wage. Don't do it drastically. Do it. […]” Ose: “Why not reduce taxes and regulation to let the businesses they work in expand? ... I happen to think that what I'm advocating is far preferable to another mandate from Washington that tries to dictate outcomes. You cannot legislate, you cannot legislate prosperity. You simply cannot legislate prosperity.” [Ose event, UC Davis Republicans, 16:38, 1/29/14]

Ose Believed the EPA was Engaged in “Monkey Business.” Ose: “So yes, I advocated for bringing the EPA up from an agency level to a cabinet level so that that person had to be in front of the President every week explaining what sort of monkey business they were doing.” [Ose event, River City Republicans, 12:11, 1/21/14]

Ose Admitted to Taking Hundreds of Thousands in Farm Subsidies while Serving on Committee that Doled them Out. Individual: “The House passed the Farm Bill today. Last time you served in Congress you took over 600,000 dollars in farm subsidies […] [W]hile you were sitting on the committee in charge of doling out these payments. You later said in a TV interview that it was “inappropriate” for you to take the money. Have you paid it back and if you do, if you are elected to Congress will you support more subsidies in Congress?” Ose: […] The law allowed rice producers to collect payments from the federal government to support the production of rice. The law allowed it. This was law that was enacted when I was in Congress. And yes we grow rice. And yes at the time we did collect subsidy. In the 2001 Farm Bill I advocated and prevailed on the subject, no I advocated and did not prevail on the subject, to eliminate farm subsidies.” Tim: So did you pay it back? Ose: No. No, it was legal.  [Ose event, UC Davis Republicans, 7:38, 1/29/14]

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