Carl DeMaio

California's 52nd District (CA - 52)

Updated: Oct 17, 2014

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Carl DeMaio has BETRAYED OUR TRUST. And the single most important thing in this race - is to see Carl DeMaio, in his OWN WORDS. And how his Tea Party ways IMPACT PEOPLE in a real way.

Carl DeMaio pledged his allegiance to the Tea Party. He said he’d take their agenda to Washington. Just watch this video. It’s important that San Diegans see these words unedited, in context, from him:

At a meeting with the Tea Party, Carl DeMaio called them “our principles.” Carl DeMaio said he wants to make the Tea Party “a model.”

DeMaio told the Tea Party, “I will owe you and our collective movement everything.”

Carl DeMaio’s Tea Party would hurt the middle class.

Devastating cuts to education.

Undermining the Social Security and Medicare guarantee.

A group DeMaio leads even said that a radical plan to end the Medicare guarantee didn’t go far enough.

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