Carl DeMaio

California's 52nd District (CA - 52)

Updated: Aug 26, 2014


Carl DeMaio is a divisive Tea Party candidate who has little regard for the middle class and will be part of the problem in DC.

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  • All voters should see Carl DeMaio told the Tea Party he shares their principles and will quote “owe” them “everything.” He also has a six-figure job helping Tea Party billionaires who want to cut taxes on the rich while raising them on the middle class. And he supported the Tea Party budget that a non-partisan study found would give millionaires a nearly two-hundred and fifty thousand dollar tax cut and make the middle class pay over three thousand dollars more per year on average.
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  • All voters should see Carl DeMaio wants to end federal student loans middle class families rely on to pay for college, forcing students and their families to pay higher interest rates at big banks. He also proposed a Tea Party budget increasing K through three class sizes and cutting funds for math and science classes in California schools.
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