Andy Tobin

Arizona's 1st District (AZ - 01)

Updated: Sep 19, 2014


The case against Andy Tobin: so focused on himself and special interests that he has failed to look out for Arizona families.

Top Hits

  • Tobin has taken care of himself with perks from the taxpayers and gifts from the special interests. He billed taxpayers for nearly $80,000 in per diem daily allowances on top of his salary and charged more than $46,000 for mileage reimbursements. He received more money from lobbyists in 2011-2012 than any other legislator according to the Arizona Capitol Times, and much of that was spent on meals. Tobin was investigated for a junket to Texas paid for by the Fiesta Bowl, and he called efforts to ban such gifts “silly.”
  • Tobin opposed the state’s expansion of Medicaid that resulted in 300,000 Arizonans getting health coverage, paid for entirely by the federal government. He even filed a lawsuit against a Governor of his own party to try to stop the expansion. If he had succeeded, Arizona’s tax dollars would have been spent to provide care for lower income families in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere, but not in Arizona.
  • Tobin voted not once but twice to cut funding for Child Protective Services, leading to the elimination of 159 caseworkers and investigative positions and an inability to investigate all critical abuse cases. During his tenure as Speaker, nearly 900 reports of child abuse and neglect went unanswered.
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