Who's the Worst Republican of 2012?

There are just so many radical Republicans out there. But we want to know who's the worst Republican running for the House in 2012.

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We've tallied your votes and have our three finalists! Cast your vote below for who you think should win the title as Worst Republican:

Allen West: Where to start... Tea Party Congressman Allen West has called President Obama a "low-level socialist agitator," accused over 80 Democratic members of Congress of being members of the "Communist Party," and claimed that progressive women were "neutering American men."

Michele Bachmann: From back in 2008 when she called Barack Obama "anti-American," all the way up to her recent claims that our government is being infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, Congresswomen Bachmann has proven herself to be one of the most extreme Republicans in Congress.

Paul Ryan: You probably know Congressman Ryan as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick. In Congress, Ryan was the architect of the Republican plan to end Medicare to pay for more millionaire tax breaks.

Voting Closes Tuesday, September 25th at 3pm EST