Stand with Chairman Israel: Tell Washington Republicans to Stop Name-Calling

The extreme right-wing has launched an outrageous attack to distract us from their reckless economic policies. Over the last 24 hours, National Republicans have started personally attacking DCCC Chairman Steve Israel by questioning his commitment to his own Jewish community.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is attacking Chairman Steve Israel in an attempt to silence you -- because they think it’s wrong that you’re frustrated and angry about what Republicans are trying to do to this country.

The personal attacks they’ve launched on Chairman Israel for standing with you are nothing in comparison to the hardships faced by middle income families across America every day.

Americans deserve a debate about our ideas. They deserve answers and solutions that rebuild the middle class and restore the American dream. They deserve representatives that make the middle class a priority again.

Will you continue to stand with Chairman Israel against Republican attacks?

Sign the petition right now to stand with Chairman Israel.

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