Children’s Health Care Action Center

SCHIP Radio Ads

The DCCC targeted several Republicans for voting against SCHIP with a series of radio ads, automated calls, and e-mails.

SCHIP Radio Ad: "Simple Choice"
Listen to the DCCC’s initial round of radio ads targeting Republicans for blocking health care for 10 million uninsured children.

SCHIP Radio Ad: "Moving the Bar"
Listen to our latest ads urging Republicans to stand with kids, NOT George Bush.

SCHIP Radio Ad: "Priorities"
The day Steve Chabot voted to sustain Bush's veto of children's health insurance, it was announced that Bush would be holding a fundraiser for Chabot.

SCHIP Automated Calls
Lisa Matzenbach, a mother of a chronically ill child on SCHIP, recorded calls in targeted districts encouraging constituents to call their Republican Member and support children's health care. Lisa and her daughter live in Joe Knollenberg's district.

Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick recorded a call encouraging Louisianans to contact Congressman Richard Baker and tell him to put our children first.

Newspapers Across the Nation Call On Members of Congress to Stand Up For America's Children

President Bush again vetoed bipartisan legislation that would have provided health insurance coverage to 10 million children in hardworking American families struggling with the high cost of health care.

Democrats remain committed to insuring 10 million children and we will continue to work to overcome the President's veto and the objection of a handful of House Republicans.

Below are some editorials from newspapers across the country on the President's veto:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Editorial: "Cover the Kids: Rep. Peterson’s Vote Could Make a Difference," 1/23/08

"But there are more than 7,000 reasons for Mr. Peterson to change his earlier votes. They are the children in his district who don't have health insurance coverage, youngsters who could be helped by a CHIP expansion."

Arizona Daily Star
Editorial: "House should back SCHIP for children’s sake," 1/22/08

"President Bush has on two occasions vetoed widely supported bipartisan legislation that would have allowed millions of American children living without health insurance a way to get proper medical care. As we have said before, he has chosen ideology over reality."

Anchorage Daily News
Editorial: "Feds curtail coverage," 1/12/08

"The children's health insurance program is America's best shot at getting health care to kids from working families that can't afford to buy their own policies for their children. They're caught in a gap. People earning a little less could qualify for free care. People earning a little more could afford to buy their own policies."

Charlotte Observer
Editorial: "Bush signed health insurance bill that fails kids," 1/4/08

"The president and a majority of Congress -- including Democrats and Republicans -- waged a political battle royal over expanding the program to cover millions of children who remain uninsured. After twice vetoing bipartisan bills to expand the program, President Bush prevailed with legislation that extends coverage with a small boost in funding through March 2009."

Montgomery Advertiser
Editorial: "Bush mimics Grinch at Christmas," 12/23/07

"For the second time, Bush has vetoed legislation that would reauthorize and expand SCHIP, a joint federal-state program that provides health insurance at affordable rates for children whose parents do not earn enough to afford private insurance but who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid."