Grassroots Challenge Rules

Have questions on the DCCC Grassroots Challenge?  Check out the answers below:

How many times can I vote?

You can vote for as many campaigns as you'd like.  However, only one vote will be counted for each campaign you choose.

Which campaigns are eligible to win?

Democratic non-incumbent candidates for the House of Representatives who are running against Republican incumbents or in open seats are eligible to win the Grassroots Challenge.

What about the Senate?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is devoted to electing Democrats to the House of Represenatives.  If you're interested in Senate races, be sure to visit our friends at the DSCC.

And what about primaries?

Candidates in "Red to Blue Districts" and "Emerging Races Districts" will have their votes pooled by district.  If a District wins the challenge, the winner of the 2012 primary will collect their prize after the primary election is over.

What's the prize?

The top six campaigns will be named as Finalists and receive an e-mail to DCCC supporters in their state to further build their grassroots network.  The campaign that receives the most unique votes overall by June 15th receives the title of DCCC Grassroots Champion and a fundraising e-mail to their state from the DCCC.