DCCC Live 2008

Thanks to our broad base of grassroots support, the DCCC was able to help Democratic candidates across the county fend off misleading attacks and set the record straight.

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Previously Featured Radio Ad Campaigns

Setting the Record Straight on Big Oil

The DCCC ran radio ads in 10 House districts where Freedom's Watch had misleading ads on the air.

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"Independence From Big Oil" Campaign

Bush Impersonator Radio Ads:
The DCCC ran radio ads in thirteen districts against House Republicans who stood with George Bush and Big Oil while America's families are being squeezed by the highest gas prices in history.

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Republicans' Doublespeak on Supporting Our Troops and Veterans

"Veterans" - John Boehner

Versions of this ad also being ran in the districts of Adam Putnam, John Shadegg, Steve Chabot, Tom Feeney, and Randy Kuhl.


"Time" - Mark Kirk

"Time" (spanish) - Lincoln Diaz Balart (FL-21), Mario Diaz Balart (FL-25), and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-18)

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SCHIP Campaign

SCHIP Radio Ad: "Moving the Bar"
Listen to our radio ads urging Republicans to stand with kids, NOT George Bush.
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SCHIP Radio Ad: "Priorities"
The day Steve Chabot voted to sustain Bush's veto of children's health insurance, it was announced that Bush would be holding a fundraiser for Chabot.
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