Michael Grimm often boasts about his background as a small businessman and his time working on Wall Street, but a deeper look into Grimm's past by the New York Times reveals a history no politician would ever want to tout. Grimm had a long business relationship with Carlos Luquis - before, during and after Luquis' conviction for racketeering and fraud. Not only has Grimm hidden his business dealings with his convicted felon friend, he also may have lied about working at a Wall Street firm that was "sanctioned repeatedly for gouging customers." Grimm's sordid past is a devastating blow to his self-styled all-American reputation.


Michael Grimm: Member of Congress. Former FBI agent. Bought a property in Texas with Harold Rosenbaum in 2006. The deal went sour when contractor Hill Castle Homes, operated by Carlos Luquis and Michael Kloc, allegedly went missing. Deal led to a lawsuit over the property owned by Grimm and Rosenbaum.

Carlos Luquis: Served with Grimm in the FBI. After leaving the FBI, Luquis was indicted on state racketeering and fraud charges for his involvement in a scheme in Texas. However, Luquis spent only two years in jail of a 12-year term. Luquis was also involved with Hill Castle Homes and contracted with Grimm on a failed development project prior to his incarceration. After his release from prison, Luquis was tapped by Grimm to play a leading role in his new company, Austin Refuel, and was frequently seen helping on Grimm’s congressional campaign.

Monica Luquis: Wife of Carlos Luquis. Once her husband got into trouble with the law, Monica appeared on some business records in his place. She was a founding member of KLG Developments, along with Grimm and Michael Kloc.

Michael Kloc: Partnered with Carlos Luquis in Hill Castle Homes, which contracted to build on Grimm and Rosenbaum’s Texas property in 2006. Kloc was also a founding member of KLG Developments with Grimm and Monica Luquis.