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Apr 12, 2006

NEW DCCC ADS: Fighting GOP Attacks, New Ads Boost Wilson’s Campaign

DCCC Press

Apr 12, 2006

NEW DCCC ADS: Fighting GOP Attacks, New Ads Boost Wilson's Campaign

After National Republicans Set Off a String of Negative Attacks, the DCCC has Launched Television and Radio Ads to Boost Charlie Wilson’s Campaign for Congress

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(Washington, D.C.) – Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee unveiled television and radio advertising to boost Charlie Wilson’s write-in campaign in Ohio’s sixth congressional district. The ads, which began this week, are the first that the DCCC has made for the sixth district race.

“As the ad says, George Bush will feel the pain when Ohio families write in Charlie’s name. We’re confident that Ohioans will reject the national Republican smear campaign and choose Charlie Wilson on May 2,” said Bill Burton, communications director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “In Congress, Charlie Wilson will stand up for Ohio families by holding George Bush and national Republicans accountable for their misplaced priorities.”

Ad Script: “Write Wilson In”


The second of May, is election day

Charlie Wilson wants to be our Congressman

But a technicality is keeping Charlie off the ballot

So now we’re going to have to write him in

Ted Strickland, is backing Charlie Wilson

He’s the Democrat we need up in D.C.

So Ted’s askin’, you to write Charlie in

Cause Charlie Wilson will stand up for you and me

Republicans attacking left and right

But Charlie won’t back down from a fight

George Bush will feel the pain

when you write in Charlie’s name

Charlie Wilson will fight for you and me

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