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Aug 18, 2009

Will Rooney Stop Misleading Floridians on Health Care at Town Hall Tonight?


When Congress voted to provide health coverage to uninsured children, Representative Tom Rooney voted ‘no' and made false attacks to mislead Floridians.  Now, Representative Rooney is again using misleading scare tactics to try to block health care solutions.


"Representative Rooney has already built a shameful record on health care, even voting against providing health care to Florida children," said Jessica Santillo, southern regional press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Representative Rooney should stop using misleading attacks to scare seniors and protect the status quo of skyrocketing health care costs."




Representative Tom Rooney's record of making misleading attacks on health care:


  • Representative Rooney has tried to scare Florida seniors, saying "The proposal the Democrats unveiled this week includes about $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.  We should be working to stabilize the Medicare program, not reducing the benefits and quality of care our nation's 44 million seniors deserve." [US Fed News, 7/18/09]


  • However, the nonpartisan "" reports that "the $500 billion is a gross figure that counts only proposed cuts while ignoring any increases, including a big increase the bill proposes in projected payments to doctors. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the House bill would result in "savings" of $219 billion after all increases and decreases are netted out... None of the "savings" or "cuts"...come from reducing current or future benefit levels for seniors." [More Senior Scare,, 8/18/09]


  • When Congress passed SCHIP to provide health insurance to children, Representative Rooney falsely claimed that the legislation "could allow illegal aliens to fraudulently enroll in Medicaid and SCHIP." [Representative Rooney Op-ed, Stuart News 1/29/09]


  • However, the bill passed by Congress does NOT extend SCHIP to illegal immigrants.  Section 605 of the bill explicitly blocks the use of federal funding for illegal immigrants. [HR 2, Sec. 605, 2/04/2009]


Representative Rooney's record of voting "no" on health care solutions:


  • NO on health care for 11 million American children - Expanding the extremely popular State Children's Health Insurance Program provides cost-effective health coverage for four million children whose parents earn too little to provide their own insurance, but too much to qualify for Medicaid.  It also preserves coverage for seven million children already enrolled.  [HR 2, Vote #50, 2/04/09]  


  • NO on making investments to bring America's health care system into the 21st Century - Modernizing America's health care system will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, reduce costs, increase quality, and save lives.  The Recovery Act protects health care coverage for millions through Medicaid and millions more who have lost their jobs in this recession by providing up to 9 months of subsidized COBRA health insurance continuation coverage.  It also invests $10 million in the National Institutes of Health and provides $1 billion for a new Prevention and Wellness Fund.  [HR 1, Vote #70, 3/31/09]


  • NO on making critical investments in health research and supporting community health centers - The Omnibus Appropriations Act Invests $30.3 billion for National Institutes of Health to conduct lifesaving research into diseases such as Alzheimer's, cancer and diabetes, $6.6 billion for the public health programs administered by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and $2.2 billion for Community Health Centers that will provide an additional 470,000 uninsured Americans with access to care.  [HR 1105, Vote #86, 2/25/09]


  • NO on fighting pandemic flu outbreaks - The Supplemental Appropriations Bill invests $2 billion to help the government fight the current H1N1 outbreak and to allow for further pandemic flu preparedness and response capacity.  [H.R. 2346, #348, 6/16/09]