Campaign 2010

May 22, 2008

Will Radical Andal Agree With John McCain on Lobbyists and Unregulated Groups?

It's time for straight talk from Dean Andal. Today, Radical Andal is introducing Senator John McCain at a rally in Stockton. Senator McCain recently removed controversial lobbyists from his campaign and discouraged unregulated "527" groups from conducting negative advertising. [New York Times, 05/17/08] Give McCain credit for at least saying the right thing when the cameras are rolling. Andal hasn't even done that. In the State Assembly, Andal said he "spent 60 percent of [his] time being lobbied by professional lobbyists." [Contra Costa Times, 09/09/07] And Andal was recruited to run for Congress by the National Republican Congressional Committee, whose Chairman welcomed the participation of outside groups in Congressional races [Roll Call, 11/05/07; Washington Post, 03/30/08].


"Dean Andal is far more radical than John McCain," said Yoni Cohen, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "In the State Assembly, Radical Andal spent 60 percent of his time with lobbyists. On the campaign trail, Radical Andal has failed to denounce negative advertising from shady outside groups. Where does Radical Andal stand? With John McCain or with lobbyists working with special interests to increase the cost of gasoline, education, and health care for California families?"