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Apr 10, 2008

Will New York Republicans Call on McCain to Renounce Bellavia’s Outrageous Attack on Obama

At a John McCain rally on Capitol Hill Tuesday, David Bellavia, a Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s 26th congressional district said that “[Democrats] can have their Tiger Woods, we have John McCain.”  With comments like that it's not surprising that Republican State Senator George Maziarz recently said, “It’s very difficult for a Republican in this election cycle,” [New York Times, 4/8/08].  Western New York Republicans ought to disavow their candidates' outrageous and divisive statement.

“What’s more outrageous than David Bellavia’s divisive attack is the fact that John McCain has not repudiated the statement,” said Carrie James, Northeast Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Will New York Republicans do the right thing and call on John McCain to reject Bellavia’s racist comments?  New York Republican candidates have an opportunity today to tell New York families that they aren’t rubberstamp Republican candidates, and stand up and protect the integrity of our national conversation on the issues.”


The following have expressed an interest in running for Congress in NY-26, will they do the right thing and call on John McCain to renounce fellow New York republican, David Bellavia’s outrageous comments:

  • Rick Lewis, businessman, “Talking Phonebook”
  • Christopher Lee, businessman, International Motion Control
  • Christopher Jacobs
  • David Pigott, Army captain


You can view the comments on YouTube here: