Campaign 2010

Jan 20, 2010

Will Joe Wilson Disrespect the Commander-in-Chief Again?

With one week to go before the President delivers his State of the Union Address, Democrats are urging Representative Joe Wilson to commit to containing his outbursts out of respect for the Commander-in-Chief. Wilson’s outburst at the last Presidential address to Congress has elevated him to near-hero status among extreme right-wing conservatives, propelled him to raise significant funds for his campaign war chest and created a national conservative celebrity who campaigns across the country. Earlier this week, President Barack Obama announced that he would deliver his State of the Union Address next Wednesday evening, January 27th.


“Last time President Obama spoke to Congress, Representative Wilson chose that time for an outburst that was roundly condemned by bipartisan leaders including former President Bush as insulting to the Commander-in-Chief and unpatriotic. Unfortunately, instead of learning a valuable lesson from this nationwide rebuke, Representative Wilson used those remarks to make himself rich and famous within the conservative movement,” said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “With one week to go before President Obama’s next address to Congress, will Representative Wilson continue to show his utter disrespect for the Commander-in-Chief? He has been all-too-happy to turn his disrespectful and offensive outburst into a ploy to raise himself more money and build his power in the conservative movement, so will the temptation be too great for him to control himself?”




  • “Nearly 65 percent of U.S. Southerners say they oppose an outburst by Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., during an address to Congress by President Barack Obama.” [UPI, 11/15/2009]


  • In fact, Mr. Wilson's behavior since "You lie" has been far more disturbing than the outburst itself. […] I think the former was spontaneous; inexcusable, but spontaneous. The same is not true of the way Mr. Wilson has deliberately and systematically capitalized on his shameful behavior, in a campaign that at best has made a mockery of his apology. […]And I'm tired of Joe Wilson making money - for himself and for other candidates - off of the outburst that he himself acknowledged was completely inappropriate. He ought to be ashamed of himself. I certainly am ashamed of him. [The State, 11/12/2009]


  • “George H.W. Bush, evidently uncomfortable with the intense partisanship of the current era, deplores Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst in an interview with Parade.” [Politico, 12/14/2009]