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Jul 09, 2014

Will Hurd’s Dangerous Plan: Slashing Support for Texas Veterans

What’s Will Hurd’s policy prescription for the Veterans Affairs crisis? A dangerous idea that would slash support for West Texas veterans and their families.  

Instead of rooting out waste, ending abuse in the VA system or closing tax loopholes for the ultra-wealthy and corporations that ship jobs overseas, Hurd’s radical budget plan indiscriminately cuts vital services for service members – including life-saving medical care at VA hospitals that West Texas veterans have earned.  

“Will Hurd’s dangerous plan would jeopardize life-saving healthcare that West Texas veterans have earned – while refusing to close wasteful tax loopholes exploited by the ultra-wealthy and corporations that ship Texas jobs overseas,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Hurd’s reckless proposal would endanger critical support for Texas veterans and their families while making the VA crisis even worse – which is just the latest sign that Hurd’s dysfunctional politics are out of touch with West Texas’ values.”


Hurd Endorsed “Cuts of 16 Percent Across the Board” to the Federal Budget Including Department of Veterans Affairs. “Hurd said that Congress needs to cap federal spending to ‘a percentage of GDP— 18% is a good number’ because that was the number when the budget was last balanced. ‘That would translate to cuts of 16% across the board.’” [, 1/17/14]

46,903 Veterans Served by VA in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District. [Department of Veterans Affairs, 2013 Expenditures, accessed 7/07/14]