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Oct 01, 2008

Why Won’t David Cappiello Come Clean on his Ties to Trash Hauler James Galante?

Cappiello owes the people of the 5th District the WHOLE Story

When Trash Mobster James Galante plead guilty yesterday to violating Connecticut Election laws we thought all questions would have been answered about David Cappiello's involvement in the illegal contributions - they are not.

"First David Cappiello didn't tell the truth to the FBI, now he's clearly trying to mislead Connecticut families about his involvement with mobster James Galante," said Carrie James, regional press secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Gifts in return for corrupt behavior, lies to federal agents, half truths, David Cappiello clearly cannot be trusted."

Four major questions remain and need answering now more than ever.

Question #1

Although he was charged with multiple violations, why did Galante plead guilty ONLY to the contributions involving Cappiello? 

Galante, 55, of New Fairfield, agreed to plead no contest to a single count of violating state election law by making an illegal, $15,000 contribution in 2002 to Cappiello's committee. [Hartford Courant Sept 30 2008]

Question #2

Was David Cappiello served a subpoena as part of the case and if so, why?

Among those receiving subpoenas, the sources said, were Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, state senator and Republican congressional candidate David Cappiello. [Hartford Courant Sept 30 2008]

Question #3

When approached by the FBI, why did Cappiello 'not give the whole story' about the illegal contributions and why won't Cappiello tell the voters the whole story now?

(State Prosecutor) Alexy said that Cappiello initially did not tell the whole story when questioned by FBI agents about the discussions that led to the contribution. [Hartford Courant Sept 30 2008]

Question #4

Will Cappiello now finally say that he regrets taking these illegal contributions?

"I have no regrets about accepting donations from any contributor who will support me," he said. "I don't speculate and do FBI background checks on every contributor, or check what they may do in the future." [Danbury News Times, 6/18/06]