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Sep 24, 2008

Why is Guthrie Fighting Hard to Hide that He Sends Work to Mexico that Could be Done in Kentucky?

Republican Candidate Brett Guthrie (KY-02) is trying to hide behind his lawyers by fighting to conceal the fact that his family company, Trace Die Cast, sends work to Mexico that could be done in Kentucky. There are 15 metal finishing companies within the Kentucky region that could do the type of work the Guthrie's family company sends to Mexico.


The facts are clear.  In 2004, it was reported  that Guthrie's family company sends parts to Mexico to be finished and then they come back to the commonwealth.  And in the Kentucky Farm Bureau Forum in August 2008, Guthrie was quick to praise trade and proudly talked about how his family company sends parts to Mexico.


"Brett Guthrie is obviously trying to hide the fact that he sends work to Mexico that could be done in Kentucky - does Guthrie think Mexicans can do something better than people in  Kentucky?" Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC said.  "Kentucky's manufacturing sector just lost 7,000 jobs last month alone, we need leaders in Washington who fight to keep jobs in Kentucky, not send work to Mexico." 


Don't take our word for, listen to Guthrie say so himself by clicking here.



  • Trace Die Cast Sends Significant Portion of Manufacturing Process to Mexico -

"In another example, Trace Die Cast has its cast aluminum parts sent to Mexico for finishing, and then they are returned to Bowling Green for assembly, [Business Professor and Director of the Office of Global Business and Entrepreneurship at Western Kentucky University Bill] Parsons said." [Bowling Green Daily News, 7/12/2004]


  • Fifteen Regional Companies Could Potentially Do Finishing Work -

A 2008 search on Thomas Net's "Connecting Industry" page for metal finishing companies within the Kentucky region, narrowed down by those that mention aluminum, shows that fifteen companies could potentially do the work that Trace Die Cast chooses to send to Mexico.  This includes at least three companies in Kentucky and at least twelve additional from nearby states that "serve Kentucky." [Thomas Net, accessed 8/20/08]


  • Guthrie Said Trade is a "Net Positive" and Bragged about Work Going to Mexico -

From Guthrie's statements at a Farm Bureau forum in August, 2008:

"Trade agreements...there are obviously people who are affected by trade negatively and there are people affected positively, but, overall, trade is a net positive and that's what we have to focus on...And you know we actually have our product that goes from Bowling Green, Kentucky - our product - and this one actually goes to Queretaro, Mexico, gets put on a transmission, comes to North Carolina to go on an axle and comes back to Bowling Green to be put on a Corvette."  [Kentucky Public Radio, 8/25/08,, 2:12]


  • Kentucky's Manufacturing Sector Lost 7,000 Jobs in August -

"Kentucky's seasonally adjusted preliminary unemployment rate for August 2008 rose to 6.8 percent...The manufacturing sector lost 7,000 jobs in August, reflecting layoffs at multiple auto-parts manufacturers." [Kentucky jobless rate 6.8 percent for August, Business First of Louisville, 9/23/08]