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Feb 13, 2009

Why is Albany Politician Jim Tedisco Hiding From Questions About Taxpayer Funded Perks?

As career Albany politician Jim Tedisco continues to hide from questions about his abuse of taxpayer funded perks, voters are left to wonder what else the poster boy for the Albany Republicans' lavish spending habits is hiding.  Tedisco's ongoing silence only prompts more questions. New Yorkers deserve answers about his behavior; the last thing New Yorkers need is for him to bring his Albany ways to Washington.   


Albany politician Jim Tedisco owes Upstate New Yorkers some answers for his abuse of taxpayer funded perks:

 1.  Why did Albany politician Jim Tedisco spend $21,000 on gasoline for his state car even though he lives 17 miles from work - even charging taxpayers for his gasoline on his state car four years before becoming a member of the Assembly Leadership?

 2.  Why did Albany politician Jim Tedisco send mail outside his district, a practice he previously decried publicly, and why did his campaign mislead voters about when that mail was sent?

 3.  Will Albany politician Jim Tedisco reimburse the state for all the taxpayer funded perks he abused?

 4.  Albany politician Jim Tedisco has already voted for 221 tax increases, is Tedisco willing to stand up and admit to his constituents that his taxpayer funded perks will result in higher New York State taxes?

 5.  Will Albany politician Jim Tedisco stop using his taxpayer funded cars and gasoline while he campaigns for Congress?