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Feb 18, 2009

While Upstate Families Struggle, Tedisco Accepts Thousands in Salary Hikes

Career Albany politician Jim Tedisco's big double-talk doesn't hide his hypocrisy.  Despite repeatedly railing against pay raises in the Assembly, career politician Jim Tedisco has accepted a 98 percent pay raise - including a single pay raise that upped Tedisco's salary by a staggering $22,000.  Some of Tedisco's colleagues donated their pay raises to charity.


"Do as I say and not as I do is career Albany politician Jim Tedisco's way of life - the latest hypocrisy is Tedisco's claiming to oppose taxpayer funded pay raises before cashing his own bigger check," said Jennifer Crider, Communications Director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Folks shouldn't be fooled by Albany politician Jim Tedisco's tough talk against pay raises because it's just a bunch of hot air - Tedisco accepted a $22,000 pay raise in a single year. Times are tough and a $22,000 pay raise would help Upstate families make ends meet, unfortunately they don't enjoy the same taxpayer funded perks as career Albany politician Jim Tedisco."


Career Albany politician Jim Tedisco has a long record of political double-talk and convenient hypocrisy.  Despite his double-talk, Career Albany politician Jim Tedisco has seen his salary increase by 98 percent.  In addition to Tedisco's single pay raise of $22,000, Tedisco and his staff also used a taxpayer funded car and racked up $21,000 for gasoline.  Tedisco, like a typical Albany politician, spoke out against pay raises and taxpayer funded cars - before accepting his very own taxpayer funded perks.


Career Albany Politician Tedisco's Pay Raises Equal More Than Median Income of District


  • The median income in NY-20 is $44,239. [2007 Almanac of American politics]


Despite Grandstanding on Opposition to Pay Hike, Tedisco Accepted His Instead of Donating It To Charity.


  • In 1999, the pay raise legislation that passed in the state legislature "increased legislative pay by 38 percent, to $79,500." The previous salary was $57,500.


  • According to the Times-Union: Assemblyman James Tedisco, R-Schenectady, said he will accept his increase, even though he voted against it, because turning it down wouldn't accomplish anything. Other lawmakers donated their pay increase to charity.  [Times-Union, 1/16/99]


Tedisco Accepted 98% Salary Hike.


  • Increased Pay by 98% over the course of his career in Albany. In 1988, Tedisco made an annual salary of $57,500. After 20 years of pay raises, Tedisco's 2008 salary was $114,000 - a 98% increase. [NY Daily News, 12/21/98; Empire Center for New York State Policy, accessed 1/30/09]


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