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Mar 12, 2009

While Trying to Learn About “Working People,” Tedisco’s Record Finally Materializes: 1 Job Created

Just as career Albany politician Jim Tedisco's job creation record finally materialized, yesterday the Tedisco campaign told the Glen Falls Post Star that his "Jim on the Job" campaign stunt is meant to give the career Albany politician a "chance to learn first-hand about issues working people face." The revelation is particularly troubling considering Tedisco has touted a disingenuous "one of us" narrative throughout the course of his campaign [Glen Falls Post Star, 3/11/09]. 


Yesterday it was also revealed that Tedisco did in fact create one job over the course of his career: Tedisco is responsible for a taxpayer funded position in the State Assembly that pays a six figure salary and was given to a Tedisco campaign contributor [Albany Times Union, 1/3/07; Saratogian, 3/12/09]. Coupled with the fact that Tedisco wrote a letter requesting a lighter sentence for another contributor who was convicted of mortgage fraud, it's obvious that this career Albany politician only looks out for his political interests and is grossly out of touch with Upstate families [Albany Times Union, 2/24/09]. 


Not surprisingly, this morning the Sienna Research Institute released a poll showing that Tedisco is rapidly losing support across the district and that voters are rejecting his desperate campaign stunts.  Tedisco's lead in the most recent poll has shrunk from a 12% margin just two weeks ago to 4% today [Albany Times Union, 3/12/09].


"Over the course of a 26 year career in politics, Tedisco has clearly been too busy looking out for his contributors to ever get a feel for what working families are dealing with on a day to day basis," said Shripal Shah, Northeast Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "Tedisco is rapidly losing support because voters are rejecting his desperate stunts."


"He simply doesn't get it.  Supporting a felon contributor and creating a job for a friend that pays a six figure salary may be par for the course for a career Albany politician like Jim Tedisco, but it's definitely not what Upstaters need when the economy is struggling and unemployment is skyrocketing." 


"The career Albany politician should stop selling his ‘one of us' narrative because his pay-to-play mentality only reinforces the obvious - Tedisco only looks out for his campaign contributors and his own political interests."


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