Campaign 2010

Apr 22, 2008

“Where’s Marty Ozinga?”  Day 29

On March 24th, concrete magnate Marty Ozinga announced he was running for Congress, but 29 days later he has still refused to answer a single question about his candidacy or on the issues. The DCCC’s "Where's Marty?" campaign is an effort to get Ozinga out of hiding and answer questions that the voters deserve answers to. 


The Ozinga campaign announced recently that Marty will continue to remain silent until the end of this month, depriving voters of any idea of where he stands on the issues. “Ozinga himself will offer no comment until after the county chairmen vote April 30,” said the Ozinga campaign. [GOP split on Weller successor, Chicago Sun-Times, 4/07/08].


That said, the Ozinga campaign manager has stated, "Marty is busier than ever preparing to be the Republican nominee for the 11th Congressional District.” He’s already been making the campaign rounds, he’s advertised his new campaign office, his new campaign website, passed out campaign business cards, filed with the Federal Election Commission as a candidate, and has remained in hiding while his campaign manager has handled all media interviews since announcing his campaign. [Campaign funding head start, Joliet Herald News, 4/20/08]


Until Marty comes out of hiding and answers questions to which voters deserve answers, we'll keep asking.


Question of the day for Marty: This Earth Day, oil prices have more than doubled since President Bush first took office, oil companies have reaped record profits all the while Illinois’ middle class families are struggling to make ends meet. Do you support Democratic led efforts to make our nation more energy independent, create thousands of new “green jobs,” and make real progress to reduce global warming?