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May 09, 2014

Where is NRCC Chairman Greg Walden?

Greg Walden’s National Republican Congressional Committee has been under withering criticism all week for using the Benghazi tragedy as a fundraising tool.  Speaker John Boehner and Leader Eric Cantor have refused to answer any questions about the NRCC’s tactics. Amid the firestorm, the man responsible for the NRCC is nowhere to be found: NRCC Chairman Greg Walden has not taken a single question on his committee’s use of this terrible tragedy to raise campaign cash.

“NRCC Chairman Greg Walden has been an absentee chairman as his committee is under bipartisan criticism for their abhorrent use of the Benghazi tragedy as a fundraising tool,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Instead of hiding behind a spokesperson and letting Boehner and Cantor take all the tough questions, Chairman Walden needs to step forward and answer for his decision to fundraise off this terrible tragedy.”


  • Rep. Trey Gowdy: “Even in a culture of hyper-partisanship, [there are] certain things that ought to be above politics, like the murder of our four fellow Americans…” [Huffington Post, 5/07/14]
  • Rep. Jeb Hensarling:  “NRCC letter campaigning on Benghazi ‘is not appropriate.’” [@IngrahamAngle, 5/08/14]
  • Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele: “I think Congressman Gowdy is absolutely correct…There should not be this opportunistic fundraising gorging that tends to happen around these types of things.” [MSNBC, 5/07/14]
  • Former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour:  “When I was chairman of the RNC, we wouldn’t have done that.” [@IngrahamAngle, 5/08/14]
  • Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough: “They have undermined the credibility of this committee.. And they need to clean it up and promise they’re not going to do it again. Over four dead Americans, an American ambassador, over $25 donations to the NRCC. Give me a break. It’s disgusting.” [MSNBC, 5/08/14]
  • AP: “The National Republican Congressional Committee's pitch said the GOP was "moving fast" to hold Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton "accountable for their actions" on the night of the Benghazi attack. It vowed that "no one will get away" from the select committee and asked people to become a "Benghazi Watchdog" by donating money. Suggested contributions started at $25.”
  • CBS News: “Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., who will lead the committee in its investigation said on MSNBC Wednesday morning that the process will "transcend politics." He said he would discourage Republicans from fundraising off of the committee's work. However, as the Huffington Post noted, the National Republican Congressional Committee shortly thereafter sent its supporters a fundraising email tied to the select committee's investigation.”
  • Daily Press: Rigell fundraiser says Benghazi shows need to keep him in Congress
  • CNN: .@gopleader wouldnt say if agreed w/Gowdy that NRCC stop fundraising on #Benghazi, said should focus on finding "what else WH is hiding"
  • NY Times: “Yet Republicans found themselves on the defensive about why in recent days they have tried to raise money off the Benghazi episode. The National Republican Congressional Committee has solicited money through a petition called Benghazi Watchdog on its website, which says, “Let’s go after Obama and Hilary Clinton,” misspelling her first name.” 
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