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Aug 10, 2009

Where in the World is John Boehner on Rush Limbaugh’s Hateful Comparison of Democrats to Nazis?

House Republican Minority Leader John Boehner has plenty of time to travel the world and criticize other Members of Congress, but for four days Boehner has refused to stand up to Rush Limbaugh and condemn his outrageous comments comparing Democrats to Nazis and his use of the Nazi's swastika.


"How 'helpful' is Rush Limbaugh to Republicans when he compares Democrats to Nazis, uses the Nazi's swastika, and is condemned by leading Jewish organizations? Republican Leader John Boehner has a duty to condemn Rush Limbaugh's hateful and destructive comparison to Hitler's Nazi Party," said Jennifer Crider, spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "Mr. Boehner, you've had plenty of time during your trip around the world to weigh in on other issues, how about showing some leadership and condemning Rush Limbaugh's hatred."


Republican Leader John Boehner says Rush Limbaugh is helpful to the Republican Party:


"Frankly, having these voices out there, it doesn't hurt us, it helps us... Having a chorus of voices out there, I think, is helpful to our effort." [CNN, 05/17/09]



Rush Limbaugh compares Democrats to Hitler's Nazi Party and compares President Obama's health care logo to a Nazi swastika:


"... the Democrat Party and where it's taken this country, the radical left leadership of this party bears much more resemblance to Nazi policies than anything we on the right believe in at all..." [The Rush Limbaugh Show, 08/06/09]


"House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio is leading five other lawmakers on a trip around the world." [Wall Street Journal, 08/07/09] 



Today - The President of Mongolia received a delegation headed by John Boehner. [Montsame Agency, 8/10/09] 



Republican Leader John Boehner's continuing reaction to Limbaugh's hateful statements: