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Feb 27, 2009

When Will Congressman Luetkemeyer Tell the Truth on the Economic Recovery Package?

Luetkemeyer Was For It, Before He Was Against It, Before He Was For It


Congressman Luetkemeyer just can't seem to get his story straight on the much-needed economic recovery package that will save or create 69,000 jobs in Missouri.  After voting against the measure in Washington DC, Congressman Luetkemeyer returned home in hypocritical fashion to tout the many benefits of the bill, then he showed his true partisan colors to the people he represents and discussed his opposition to the bill, and now it appears the Congressman is back singing the bill's praises. 


"Let me try to get this straight, Congressman Luetkemeyer was for all the great things the economic recovery package will do for the people of Missouri before he was against it, before he was for it," said Gabby Adler, the Midwestern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "If you are confused, you're not alone.  I understand why Congressman Luetkemeyer would want to take credit for the job creation, tax breaks, and infrastructure improvements in President Obama's economic recovery plan, but Luetkemeyer should have thought about that before he voted against it, turning his back on the people of Missouri."




February 16: He's For It...


During an event at Truman State University Congressman Luetkemeyer said, "Within the stimulus package there is some Pell Grant money, which is a good thing. It helps students be able to pay for their education and has kind of a long term stimulus effect... the ability of someone to get an education is an economic development tool."  The Congressman went on to discuss the economic need for more "shovel ready" projects like Pershing Arena.


February 18: He's Against It...


When Congressman Luetkemeyer's hypocrisy was revealed and he was asked about voting against the economic recovery package that will create or save 69,000 jobs in Missouri, he responded by saying, "I don't think it will really stimulate the economy the way people are hoping it will. I think in the long run, we've got a stimulus where we're going to wind up spending more money, and not doing the job."


February 25: He's For It, Again...


In a satellite interview following President Obama's address to Congress and the nation, Congressman Luetkemeyer discussed the stimulative effect the recovery package will have in Missouri. "I'm going to help my friends in the legislature and the governor there in Missouri all I can to be make sure we get those dollars into Missouri and into the proper hands.  And we can stimulate and do the things we need to do with those dollars."