Campaign 2010

May 26, 2010

What Good is the NRCCs Help These Days?

For months, House Republicans have been busy touting their recruits and boasting their outrageous claims that they will win a hundred seats.  But when you match up Republicans’ bravado to their electoral records this cycle, it is clear that they are all hat and no cattle. 

In the past week alone, four of the NRCC’s chosen candidates have lost big:

Vaughn Ward (ID-01)

After suffering a month-long blistering litany of self-inflicted wounds and strategic mistakes, NRCC backed “Young Gun” candidate Vaughn Ward lost his primary 48 to 39 percent to a Tea Party candidate.  National Republicans were so supportive of his candidacy that he was among the first group of candidates elevated to “Young Gun” status earlier this cycle. Ward is the highest-ranking “Young Gun” to lose and his loss calls into question the competence of the NRCC’s political skills.

Tim Burns (PA-12)

Another massive failure for the NRCC in a race they had “no excuse to lose.” Heavily touted NRCC candidate Tim Burns lost the only head-to-head matchup between a Democrat and a Republican last Tuesday night. The NRCC proudly touted Burns and invested heavily in this race, spending nearly one million dollars.

Jeff Reetz (KY-03)

NRCC backed candidate Jeff Reetz didn’t just lose to a tea party candidate, he got trounced by a stunning margin, finishing third in the race. The NRCC candidate in the race only received 17% of the vote compared to the winner’s 52%. 

Mary Beth Buchanan (PA-04)

NRCC recruit Mary Beth Buchanan lost her primary challenge to Keith Rothfus by a large margin of 67 to 33 percent.  Throughout the race, Buchanan was outraised by her opponent and even her widespread name recognition couldn’t help her poorly run campaign.