Campaign 2010

Oct 16, 2010

What Does Boehner Have to Say About Allen West’s Ties to a Criminal Biker Gang that Denigrates Women

A Republican candidate tied to an organized crime syndicate that denigrates women, a Nazi re-enactor, and a candidate accused of sexual assault and attempted rape.  Republican Leader John Boehner has had a busy couple of weeks with the Republican candidates he and the NRCC support. 

“Republican Leader John Boehner’s silence about these extremely troubling revelations gives the impression he and House Republicans continue to tolerate and support candidates with ties to an organized crime syndicate that brands women like cattle, a Nazi re-enactor, and a candidate accused of sexual assault and attempted rape,” said DCCC spokeswoman Jennifer Crider. “Mr. Boehner, do you continue to support Republican candidates with ties to organized crime, dress up as Nazis for fun, and are accused of attempting to sexually assault a Tea Party activist? ”

The Republican Tied to the Organized Crime Syndicate

Last night, NBC News reported that Allen West has ties to an infamous motorcycle gang, the Outlaws, and was “proud” to have been guarded by the Outlaws.  On Monday, Republican Leader John Boehner campaigned in south Florida with congressional candidate Allen West (FL-22), who is also featured on Boehner’s campaign website. On Tuesday, the NRCC touted West’s candidacy at National Journal forum.

The Department of Justice has said the Outlaws are a gang known for making and distributing meth, committing homicide, and prostitution.  The Outlaws have been called “organized crime” syndicate.  The Outlaws have a history of denigrating women and considering women property –actually branding women like cattle. [Justice Department, National Gang Threat Assessment 2009, Published January 2009]

The Ohio Republican Nazi Re-Enactor

Republican congressional candidate Rich Iott (OH-9) dressed up as a Nazi soldier, “who for years donned a German Waffen SS uniform and participated in Nazi re-enactments.” Boehner donated to Iott, who is also featured on Boehner’s campaign website.  [The Toledo Blade, 10/9/10; Politico, 10/13/10]

The Ohio Republican Accused of Attempted Rape & Sexual Assault

A Tea Party activist and mother of four has filed a lawsuit against Republican candidate Tom Ganley (OH-13) for sexual assault and attempted rape. Ganley allegedly met with the woman, who was interested in volunteering for his U.S. Senate campaign and talking about her car payments, when he propositioned and sexually assaulted her in his private office. Local law enforcement authorities have began an investigation. Boehner donated to Ganley’s campaign, who is also featured on Boehner’s campaign website.  [Plain Dealer, 9/30/10; WKYC-TV, 10/1/10]

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Is this what Republican Leader John Boehner meant when he said, “We’re not going to be any different than what we’ve been?”