Campaign 2010

Feb 25, 2009

Welcome back, Representative Don Young

Young, back from jaunt to Puerto Rico, reacts to Obama's speech


After enjoying daytime highs in the low- to mid-eighties last week in Puerto Rico, Representative Don Young last night had the opportunity to listen to President Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress.


Upon hearing Obama's address, Young said, "The economy is our biggest issue right now, and we need to focus on job creation and domestic production and not on raising the taxes of hard working Americans..."


"After taking credit for, then voting against the landmark economic recovery package - then jetting off to Puerto Rico last week, Congressman Young is finally paying lip service to how the downturn in the economy is affecting Alaska families and small businesses," said Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  "The economic recovery package that Young voted against twice, but still took credit for, will create or save 8,000 jobs in the Last Frontier State and provide a tax cut for 220,000 Alaska families."




  • On February 13, Young posted a press release on his web site entitled, "Rep. Young wins victory for Alaska small business" which went on to say, "Alaskan Congressman Don Young won a victory for the Alaska Native contracting program and other Alaska small business owners last night in H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act."


  • A McClatchy story from the same day reported that Young later released a statement "blasting the overall measure" but "...wouldn't return a request for comment on the apparent contradiction of his press releases."


  • Then, according to a February 20 Anchorage Daily News story, "Unlike [Senators Begich and Murkowski], Rep. Don Young didn't send out a list of public appearances to the media.  No schedule was posted on his official Web site and his staff couldn't be reached for comment Friday."


  • Although it doesn't appear that Young announced it, there are several accounts of Young's multi-day Puerto Rican excursion in the Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora.