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Oct 29, 2008

Wayne Parkerís Negative Smears Condemned by Local Pastor and Alabama Press

While Republican candidate Wayne Parker (AL-05), the NRCC and Freedom's Watch continue their misleading attacks on Parker Griffith, local press outlets, the Alabama Christian Coalition and the local Baptist Minister who moderated the forum used in the out-of-context ads strongly criticized Parker and his allies continued negative smears. 


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) released an ad focused on Wayne Parker and his Washington allies' shameful attempts to smear Parker Griffith and noted that Alabama press outlets and the moderator of the Baptist forum have discredited such attacks.  The new DCCC ad can be viewed here: .


"Wayne Parker will obviously say or do anything to get elected," said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the DCCC. "Wayne Parker's campaign has only consisted of desperate attempts to smear Parker Griffith's record and character, as Wayne Parker tries to hide his own failure to protect Alabama's jobs and future."




The Decatur Daily News Editorialized "Out-of-context quotes distort political truth":

Republicans are twisting Democrat Parker Griffith's words in an effort to defeat him and elect Republican Wayne Parker...Mr. Griffith calls the ads deceptive, and he's right.


But Mr. Parker, given an opportunity, did not disavow the ads and dug himself a deeper hole...Mr. Lincoln would not be proud of some of today's fellow Republicans. [Decatur Daily News, 10/27/08]


 WAAY-TV refused to air the NRCC's and Freedom's Watch's misleading ads:

A local TV station has pulled the latest National Republican Congressional Committee ad in the 5th Congressional District campaign...WAAY-TV Channel 31 did not air the ad. [WAAY-TV pulls ad about Griffith's 'Islam' remark, Huntsville Times, 10/25/08]


The Alabama Christian Coalition condemned Freedom's Watch's attacks:

Recently, comments that Parker Griffith made at a Baptist minister conference over a month ago have been taken out of context to cast aspersions on his character, patriotism, and even Christian commitment...After speaking to him, we felt that his original statement and explanation were well-rooted in scripture and demonstrated a true love of country and trust in our Lord.  


The fact that someone so intimately tied to the Chinese regime like [Freedom's Watch funder] Sheldon Adelson would dare use his tainted money to question the patriotism and faith of a Christian man like Parker Griffith is the height of hypocrisy.   The Alabama Christian Coalition has a long history of fighting to keep gambling interests out of our state, and of working to keep our politics out of the gutter. 


Our hope is that this Congressional race will be determined on the issues that concern all Christians, particularly issues of preservation of life and preservation of the traditional family.  We would welcome a conversation by Wayne Parker and Parker Griffith that focused on these more important issues to the people of the fifth district.  [Christian Coalition Release, 10/24/08]


Rev. David Carpenter was shocked by the misuse of Griffith's quote:

"I was the moderator for the Colbert/Lauderdale Baptist Association Forum on September 15th and I am shocked by the misuse of this quote from that event. I sat right between Wayne Parker and Dr. Griffith during the program and thought both did an excellent job discussing issues of faith and their views. The response that is being used against Parker Griffith was part of his comment in a longer discussion of whether radical Islam was a threat to our Christian faith. I was there when he said these quotes and can tell you that they have been taken out of context and it is unfortunate that anyone would misrepresent the truth in this way." [Parker Griffith Release, 10/24/08]