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Jan 23, 2014

Washington Lobbyist David Jolly’s Troubling Record on Social Security and Medicare

A new Tampa Bay Times report reveals troubling information about Washington lobbyist David Jolly’s record on Social Security and Medicare:

In response, Jolly has offered the same excuse he claimed after being caught misleading voters about his record of lobbying for offshore drilling, “marking the second time he has distanced himself from what reports suggest otherwise.” Independent experts and the Washington Post have questioned the truthfulness of Jolly’s explanation

“After lobbying for a special interest that supports privatizing Social Security and praising the Ryan Budget that ends the Medicare guarantee, Washington lobbyist David Jolly is proving he can’t be trusted to protect Pinellas seniors,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Instead of closing tax loopholes for corporations, Jolly’s proposals would balance the budget on the backs of seniors by jeopardizing the Social Security and Medicare that seniors have earned. It’s more proof that if Jolly was sent back to Washington he’d do what lobbyists always do – put special interests over Pinellas residents and make the dysfunction in Congress worse.”