Campaign 2010

Dec 27, 2010

Walsh Goes Washington: Sells out Middle Class, Hires Financial Services Lobbyist as Chief of Staff

New reports this weekend reveal that Representative-elect Joe Walsh (IL-08) believes government has done TOO MUCH for the middle class but he’s hired a financial services lobbyist to be his Chief of Staff and is welcoming contributions from Wall Street titan JP Morgan. Walsh ran as an anti-government outsider but is now embracing Wall Street’s agenda and argues that government takes “care of too many in the middle class.”

“Voters are getting a crash course in how out-of-touch Representative-elect Joe Walsh really is after he hired a Wall Street lobbyist to run his office and said there are too many government programs, like Social Security and the Department of Education, that benefit the middle class,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “When Representative-elect Walsh says that government has done too much for the middle class it must warm the heart of his Wall Street staff and special interest donors – but it leaves Illinois families out in the cold. Hiring a Wall Street lobbyist as Chief of Staff is the best evidence yet that Walsh’s agenda will be driven by Wall Street’s needs, not the needs of the middle class.”


  • Walsh Hires Financial Services Lobbyist for Chief of Staff. The New York Times reports that “he hired a chief of staff — a Capitol Hill veteran who has lately been a financial services lobbyist.” [New York Times, 12/26/10]
  • Government Does Too Much for Middle Class. Walsh said “we’ve asked government to take care of too many in the middle class, not those who need it the most.” . [New York Times, 12/26/10]
  • Walsh has compared Social Security and Medicare to Ponzi schemes. [, accessed 12/26/10]