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Mar 14, 2013

VOTE ALERT: Congressman Scott Rigell Votes Against Ending Sequester – AGAIN

Last night Congressman Scott Rigell voted AGAIN against ending the sequester – despite the fact that Congressman Rigell’s district, which includes the military community of Hampton Roads, will be “devastated” by the Republican’s draconian cuts, possibly sending Virginia’s economy into another recession.

Congressman Rigell, who serves on the House Budget Committee, voted last night against an amendment “replacing the sequester with a balanced and bipartisan approach to long-term deficit reduction.” Last week, Congressman Rigell also voted against a motion on the House floor to stop the draconian cuts, keeping the sequester in place.

“Congressman Scott Rigell may say one thing back home, but in Washington Congressman Scott Rigell is voting time and again against stopping these draconian cuts that will hurt Virginia’s military and middle class families,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “When Congressman Rigell says one thing and does the exact opposite, it’s impossible to trust Congressman Rigell with our country’s future.”

From diminished real estate values, to students losing their financial aid, to hundreds of thousands of contractors and workers who may face furloughs or pay cuts, the sequester is truly hurting Virginia's middle class families – and it's happening because Republicans in Washington refuse to consider any fair or balanced compromise to avert these cuts and ask the wealthiest few to pay their fair share.


Congressman Rigell Voted Against Replacing the Sequester With a Balanced Approach.  In March 2013, Congressman Rigell voted with House Budget Committee Republicans to vote against an amendment  that would express the sense of the House that the sequester “should be replaced with a balanced approach to deficit reduction that includes both target spending reductions and increases in revenues that do not increase the tax burden on middle-income Americans.” [House Budget Committee Markup, 3/13/13; Amendment to the Chairman’s Mark, Amdt# 1]