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Jan 23, 2014

VIDEO: The Tea Party Hasn’t Changed, Neither Has Richard Tisei

After spending over a year in hiding, Richard Tisei is announcing today that he will continue his radical crusade and once again attempt to force his out of touch agenda on Massachusetts families. In response, the DCCC released a new web video highlighting the truth about Tea Party Tisei.

The Tea Party hasn’t changed much since the last time he called it “a God-send” and neither has Richard Tisei. He is still the same failed candidate who supported repealing health care reform, mocked the idea of cutting taxes for the middle class, and refused to support critical resources for public education. Tisei lost this district in 2012 when even Scott Brown won it and now that voters know the truth about him, it’s going to be even harder.

“The Tea Party hasn’t changed much in a year and neither has Richard Tisei,” said Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Richard Tisei spent over a year in hiding after voters rejected him in 2012 for calling the Tea Party “a God-send” and attempting to force his reckless agenda on Massachusetts middle class. Voters don’t support repealing health care reform, protecting benefits for the wealthy, or denying a woman the right to choose any more now than they did when they rejected Richard Tisei in 2012.”


See the video here:



Tisei Called the Tea Party a “God-Send.” “The Tea Party has been a God-send to (Republicans). They have been the people who work the country up and made it realize it was about to go over a cliff,” Tisei said. [Tewksbury Patch, 1/14/12]