Campaign 2010

Jan 31, 2014

VIDEO: Grimm Still Won’t Answer Questions About Alleged Illegal Campaign Activity

“Congressman Michael Grimm does not want to talk about some of the allegations concerning his campaign finances.” 

Those were the words from a New York 1 television reporter that provoked Congressman Michael Grimm to threaten to throw him off a balcony in the United States Capitol.  Two days and hundreds of headlines later – Congressman Grimm still won’t answer questions about the ongoing federal investigation into his allegedly illegal campaign activity. Yesterday the Congressman’s hometown newspaper the Staten Island Advance, urged him in an editorial to come clean because “the reporter was asking a question that many of Mr. Grimm’s constituents want answered.”    

The whole country is watching – and waiting – to hear Congressman Grimm provide some answers about his allegedly illegal campaign activity.

“Congressman Grimm Still Hasn't Answered the Question”


Watch Here: