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Apr 25, 2013

VIDEO: DCCC Highlights Congresswoman Bachmann’s Growing Ethics Problems

Following news that Congresswoman Bachmann’s staff has released an affidavit confirming an Iowa state Senator was paid to work on Bachmann’s presidential campaign – a possible violation of Iowa ethics rules -- the DCCC unveiled a new video highlighting how Bachmann is running from her growing ethics investigations. According to media reports, Bachmann is being investigated by the bipartisan Office of Congressional Ethics over allegations that her campaign stole and used an email list, paid staffers under the table, and used her campaign to improperly promote her failed book. 

“Congresswoman Bachmann is running from questions about the growing bipartisan ethics investigation because she knows these investigations are another example of failing to get the job done for Minnesota,” said Brandon Lorenz of the DCCC. “Minnesota voters are going to show little patience with Congresswoman Bachmann’s distractions as she continues to court national headlines at the expense of middle class families.”

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is Running…





The Office of Congressional Ethics is Investigating Bachmann. In 2013, ABC News reported that “Federal investigators are probing allegations that Rep. Michele Bachmann, or members of her staff, inappropriately used money raised during her presidential campaign, her lawyer and former campaign staffers said today.”  [ABC News, 3/25/13] 


  • ·         FEC is Investigating Bachmann’s Relationship With Her Fundraising Firm. In 2013, the MinnPost reported that C&M Strategies’ relationship with the Bachmann campaign was also “the subject of a Federal Elections Commission investigation relating to alleged under-the-table payments made during the presidential campaign.” [MinnPost, 4/22/13]


Former Bachmann Presidential Campaign Staffer: Bachmann Aide “Received Money Under the Table for His Support.” In 2013, ABC News reported that Peter Waldron alleged that Bachmann's onetime Iowa campaign chair, state Sen. Kent Sorenson, “received money under the table for his support. Sorenson's position in the Legislature prohibits him from receiving payments from the campaign.”  [ABC News, 3/25/13] 


  • ·         Bachmann’s  Former Chief Of Staff Swore She “Knew Of And Approved” Paying Aide with Third Party PAC Money. In 2013, MPR News reported, “Andy Parrish, Bachmann's former chief of staff and longtime aide, swore in an affidavit that Bachmann ‘knew of and approved’ paying Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson via another political action committee controlled by Bachmann. Iowa Senate ethics rules forbid lawmakers from accepting employment from political campaigns.”  [MPR News, 4/22/13]