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Jun 25, 2014

VIDEO: Alex “Maryland” Mooney Refuses to Answer If He’ll Buy A Home in WV

Alex “Maryland” Mooney is once again campaigning outside West Virginia today – this time raising campaign cash with the leaders of the dysfunctional Republican Congress in Washington, D.C.

And get this: new video shows Maryland Mooney is still refusing to answer if he’ll even purchase a home in the state he hopes to represent. Instead, Maryland Mooney faked a phone call. 

Mooney’s own “hometown” paper wrote that Mooney “hasn’t even extended himself enough to buy a house in our state,” and that Mooney’s congressional run appears to be motivated by nothing more than “Mooney’s driving ambition.”

“Alex ‘Maryland’ Mooney is determined to prove that he has zero connection to West Virginians or their values and is running for no other reason than to further his own political ambitions,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Mooney has already committed to push a reckless agenda in Congress that jeopardizes Medicare for seniors and takes money out of the pockets of working families – but apparently Mooney won’t commit to even own a home in the state he hopes to represent.”  


Spirit of Jefferson: Mooney “Hasn’t Bothered to Invest in West Virginia.” “…Mooney, who hasn’t bothered to invest in West Virginia – not in time nor in money. He hasn’t worked in the trenches in Charles Town or anywhere else in West Virginia… He hasn’t even extended himself enough to buy a house in our state.” [Spirit of Jefferson, 5/21/14]

As of June 2014, No Record of Mooney Owning Property in West Virginia. As of June 2014, a search of the Jefferson County Clerk for Alex Mooney did not return any property records involving Alex Mooney. [Jefferson County Clerk, accessed 6/25/14]

Mooney Supported “Something Even More Dramatic Than The Ryan Budget.” In 2014, Mooney said: “The Ryan budget is certainly better than what we have now. It reins in some spending. I actually haven’t read the entire budget, but I agree with the principles of balancing the budget over time. I actually think I would’ve voted for something even more dramatic than the Ryan budget.” [WV Metro News, 4/21/14]

Less Than Three Percent of Mooney’s Campaign Contributions Came from West Virginia. “The West Virginians’ donations totaled $10,826 – 2.3 percent of the money he raised from individual itemized donors. In contrast, Mooney’s campaign recorded $117,581 in donations from donors living in Maryland – 17.8 percent of his total first-quarter take… For the first-quarter of 2014, Mooney raised more from each of five other states – as well as D.C. – than he did in West Virginia.” [Spirit of Jefferson, 4/30/14]