Campaign 2010

Sep 22, 2010

Van Tran Shirks Day Job, Refuses To Address Budget Crisis So Instead He Can Raise Campaign Cash

The Los Angeles Times reported that Van Tran and other California state legislators are working overtime – but not to solve the state’s yawning budget crisis.  Instead, Tran and others are busy pocketing millions in campaign donations.

While state bills go unpaid, working families face the possible closure of health clinics, child care centers and the cancellation of state college scholarship funds, California assembly members like Van Tran are spending their time fundraising.

“Could Van Tran possibly be more out of touch with the Orange County families he’s supposed to represent?” asked Andy Stone, Western Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Rather than focus on the job he was elected to do, Van Tran is content to let the budget crisis remain unsolved while he raises special interest campaign cash for his Congressional run.  As health clinics and child care centers statewide threaten to close and college students face the prospect of paying tuition without the scholarships they were promised, Tran should be ashamed.”


According to the Los Angeles Times, state legislators in California have raised more than $6.9 million dollars, over $80,000 a day, since the fiscal year began without a budget on July 1. [Los Angeles Times, 9/20/10]