Campaign 2010

Jan 21, 2009

Van Hollen Names Third DCCC Vice Chair Albio Sires to Head Member Participation and Outreach

The DCCC today named its third Vice Chair for the 2010 election cycle – Congressman Albio Sires (D-NJ) will serve as Vice Chair for Member Participation and Outreach. DCCC Member Participation and Outreach encourages and coordinates the political activities of Democratic Members and outreach to our allies as the Committee works to protect the 83 Democrats sitting in Republican districts and target the six Republicans remaining in Democratic districts.


DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen said, “I am pleased to announce the selection of Congressman Albio Sires as Vice Chair for Member Participation and Outreach. Congressman Sires is a strategic thinker who has the respect and relationships within our Caucus and with our allies to encourage the active political participation of our Members throughout the cycle.”


Vice Chair Albio Sires said, "I'm looking forward to expanding my work at the DCCC in this challenging new leadership role.  It's critical for our Members to take an active role in helping our threatened incumbents and candidates with the resources and relationships they will need to win their tough races."


Congressman Sires has represented New Jersey’s 13th congressional district since 2006. Previously, he was the first legislator of Hispanic origin to be named New Jersey Assembly Speaker, and the first Cuban in the nation. Congressman Sires will focus on the strategic planning and use of Members as surrogates in targeted districts as well as outreach to allied groups. He will also oversee Member development participation.