Campaign 2010

Oct 23, 2012

Val Demings, Congressman Webster in Statistical Tie in Recent FL-10 Poll

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released a recent Global Strategy Group poll showing Val Demings within two points of Congressman Dan Webster in the 10th Congressional District of Florida. In the initial head-to-head, Congressman Webster only receives 43 percent of the vote – a dangerous place for an incumbent just a few weeks to Election Day – and Deming’s receives 41 percent. Webster’s support declined 3-points since September and his unfavorable rating is on the rise.


“As more Floridians have found out about career politician Congressman Dan Webster’s record of cozying up with lobbyists, they are rejecting Webster’s wrong priorities that put special interests ahead of middle class Floridians and seniors,” said Stephanie Formas of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Police Chief Val Demings has proven that she’s a tough no-sense leader with her record of cutting millions from her budget while cutting violent crime by 40%. On the other hand, Congressman Dan Webster continues to demonstrate that he’s another career politician with a record of ending the Medicare guarantee to protect tax breaks for the ultra wealthy and special interests.”


A Global Strategy Group polling memo is available here.