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Mar 19, 2009

Updated Rhetoric vs. Reality: Tedisco’s Friends in Washington Rehash Discredited Attacks

Republicans continue to rely on discredited attacks and misleading rhetoric in an attempt to distract voters from career Albany politician Jim Tedisco's opposition to a plan that will save or create 76,000 jobs Upstate and cut taxes for middle class families. The NRCC's latest attack ad is full of claims that have already been widely discredited. 


FALSE REPUBLICAN RHETORIC: Scott Murphy didn't pay taxes on a business he owned. Said it wasn't his responsibility. But state record proved it was. [NRCC Attack Ad, 3/19/09]


REALITY: This is a widely debunked charge.  Scott Murphy paid all his taxes.


Albany Times-Union: Attack on Murphy "Misrepresents the Facts"


According to a fact-check article conducted by the Albany Times-Union, the allegations against Murphy are not accurate and ignore the fact that the tax liabilities were and are the responsibility of the company that purchased his.


According to the Times-Union:


The Republican committee's claim that Murphy "dodged" taxes oversimplifies and misrepresents the facts.




For all three warrants, iXL took on Small World's debts and liabilities as part of the January 1998 merger agreement, according to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and merger documents provided by the Murphy campaign. [Albany Times-Union, 2/15/09]


Glens Falls Post-Star Editor: "Smear" Against Murphy Lacks Understanding of Business Liability


According to an article by the Projects Editor of the Glens Falls Post-Star, the "smear" campaign against Murphy lacks an understanding that the outstanding liabilities of a purchased company become the liabilities of the surviving corporation.


According to Doolittle:


The next thing Tedisco's side did was produce documents showing that, 10 years ago, Murphy paid a tax bill late.


Then they produced another document showing that, 11 years ago, when Murphy sold his business, its liabilities included two small unpaid tax bills.


I'm guessing most voters have also paid a bill or two late in their time.


And I think most people understand that, when you sell a business, its liabilities become the responsibility of the new owner.




Republicans start with a big edge in this congressional race, made bigger by Tedisco's political prominence. But it's going to be a stretch, I think, for his side to smear Murphy as one of those nasty "businessmen" or ruthless "entrepreneurs."


Most voters still respect the guts and the smarts it takes to start your own business, and make it work, the way Murphy did.


It's not that Murphy's background will necessarily make him a better congressman than a former guidance counselor and basketball coach. But no way will it make him a worse one. [The Glens Falls Post-Star, 2/6/09]