Campaign 2010

Oct 11, 2012

Unexplained Millionaire Jason Plummer: Out for Himself While Undercutting Southern Illinois Women

In tonight’s debate, unexplained millionaire Jason Plummer revealed how his campaign would undercut Southern Illinois women. Plummer expressed disdain for equal pay statistics that show women are routinely underpaid for the same jobs as their male counterparts. The reality is that women face pay discrimination regardless of race and the disparity only worsens with age, but Plummer doesn’t even support equal pay legislation to help address the problem.


Worse, Plummer’s denial is only the latest example of his out-of-touch positions that routinely protect the insurance industry, special interests and millionaires like himself instead of Southern Illinois women, seniors and the middle class. Plummer even opposes requiring insurance companies to cover contraception and would let insurance companies charge women higher premiums.

“Whether Jason Plummer is denying equal pay for equal work among men and women or supporting a plan that ends the Medicare guarantee but gives tax breaks to millionaires, it’s clear Plummer is only out for himself,” said Haley Morris of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “It is appalling that Jason Plummer would force women to pay higher health premiums and seniors to pay thousands more for their Medicare just to protect insurance industry profits and tax breaks for millionaires like himself. Southern Illinois women and seniors can’t trust Jason Plummer to look out for them instead of looking out for himself.”




Women’s Pay Inequality Doesn’t “Ring True” to Plummer. When asked what government should do about gender pay inequality and how women earn as little as 65 percent as men for the same work, Plummer claimed the problem didn’t “ring true” to him. Plummer said, “I’ve actually studied this statistic quite a bit as a person with two older sisters who are out in the workforce right now providing for their children, and if you look at what’s happening right now, a lot of people are being harmed, and it’s not fair to a lot of people. The statistic that rings to true to me, isn’t the 65 percent statistic it’s the fact that over 1 million women have lost their jobs since Barack Obama came into office.” [Belleville News-Democrat’s 12th Congressional District Debate, 10/10/12]

Plummer Dodged Questions on His Support for Lily Ledbetter.  At a town hall in June 2012, Plummer was asked his support for the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  He answered, “I haven’t read the details of the bill, so I’d have to look into that. I think that again what you’re seeing out of the administration right now is what I was talking about a couple nights ago in Baldwin.  A lot of issues people are bringing up that are probably I would say not focused on really benefitting everybody, and we really need to make sure that everyone is at work, everyone is receiving pay, everyone is putting food on the table, and I don’t like it when we are pushing proposals that kind of divvy up the demographics divvy up the population, it’s in, I haven’t read the bill I haven’t seen how…” [Waterloo Town Hall, 6/14/12; 12:38]


Plummer Opposed Requiring Insurance Companies Cover Contraception. In March 2012, while appearing on WSIU, Jason Plummer opposed forcing insurance companies to cover contraception. “I think it’s a perfect example of why Congress is not well liked by the American public … the contraceptives issue is not a contraceptives issue, it’s a constitutional question,” said Plummer. “I think it is a constitutional question, and I think it is silly that in these times with everything going on this is a topic of debate in America.” When pressed if he would support requiring insurance companies to cover contraception, Jason Plummer said, “no, I would not.” [WSIU Interview, 3/09/12 @16:05]


Plummer Would Allow Insurance Companies to Charge Women More for Coverage. By supporting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Plummer wants to go back to a time when insurance companies consider being a woman a preexisting condition, and would allow these companies to charge women higher premiums, or drop their coverage when they get sick or pregnant. [WSIL TV, 11/29/11; Democratic Leader, 3/20/12; White House, accessed 10/10/12]