Campaign 2010

Apr 22, 2008

Unethical Construction Company Owner Airing Attack Ads Supporting Unethical Woody Jenkins (LA-06)

Lane Grigsby, a wealthy construction company owner with a record of ethical problems, has purchased TV time to run attack ads against Don Cazayoux this week in the LA-06 special election. 


Grigsby shamelessly opposes candidates who stand up for worker’s rights and fair wages. Grigsby also has a long record of not playing by the rules – he unethically colluded with a candidate to make an attack ad that “viciously and personally attacked” the candidates’ opponent and he hid his company’s interest in state contracts to build hurricane shelters.  


“Lane Grigsby and Woody Jenkins have a lot in common – both have unethically tried to deceive Louisiana voters, both have shady business dealings, and both oppose worker’s rights.  It’s no surprise that Grigsby and Jenkins are partners in crime against Don Cazayoux’s principled stand for middle class families,” said Kyra Jennings, Southern Regional Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Louisiana voters are smart enough to see through Woody Jenkins’ and Lane Grigsby’s desperate and deceitful attacks on Don Cazayoux’s campaign for change.”




  • Grigsby has been criticized for colluding with candidates in the production of ads.  In 2006, Grigsby had an ethical violation complaint filed against him for colluding with a candidate on a campaign mailer.  The ethics violation complaint filed by former Rep. William Daniel, charged that an organization Grigsby founded, Baton Rouge Next, allegedly colluded with opponent Bill Cassidy to send out thousands of mailers that “viciously and personally attacked” Daniel [Advocate, 12/07/06]


  • Grigsby Had Multi-Million Contracts Cancelled for Not Disclosing a Conflict of Interests.  In 2006, state contracts with two firms to build multi-million dollar hurricane shelters were canceled because the Jefferson Parish Council found that Grigsby concealed his partial ownership of the two firms, Kyle Associates and Cajun Constructors Inc. Kyle Associates acknowledged the conflict only after they learned that the council was looking into a possible relationship between the firms. [Times-Picayune, 7/08/06]